Features of Betting on League Of Legends

Features of Betting on League Of Legends

Features of Betting on League Of Legends

What you need to know about bookmakers, tournaments and bet lines? The League of Legends computer game is one of the most popular in modern esports. Despite the fact that the first version of the project appeared more than ten years ago, even now it does not slow down. But it’s not just the athletes who want to make money on eSports. Viewers can do this through betting on League of Legends. But first, you need to understand some of the features of the project in order to know that the bets will be made correctly. First you need to understand the message of the game. After all, each project has a certain background, which is interesting to study. League of Legends in this case was no exception. LoL is based on ideas from the MOBA genre of games, which began to be in demand thanks to the modification for Warcraft III. Through the efforts of the Riot Games team, the main elements of the genre were brought to a new level, thanks to the full-fledged game of League of Legends. It was released at the end of 2009 and immediately became a real hit. The average number of players per month is about a hundred million people. The story of the game tells about a different world, which is inhabited by amazing creatures.

They are called champions. Just for one of them the player will play in each of the matches. A series of competitions are regularly held for this game, which can be both large-scale with participants from all over the world, and local, where only local players play. The first official bets on such competitions began to be accepted almost ten years ago. It is already safe to say that League of Legends is one of the most successful esports disciplines. It is included in the TOP 5 games chosen by professional players. Among the qualitative differences of the project, one can note not only an excellent visual style, but also the most intense gameplay. There are so many characters that each player will be able to choose the most suitable option for a successful career development. It is interesting not only to play, but also to watch the gameplay. It is for this reason that the project is in such great demand among bookmakers. There are so many people who want to place bets that sometimes there is simply no end to them. Professional competitions for this game are held in a standard esports format, where teams have five players each.

The main task is to destroy the main structure of the enemy base. Exactly as in other MOBA games of the genre, players need to first choose heroes for themselves, and then set a block on the heroes of the opposing team. If everything is done correctly, then you can get a good chance of winning. But the outcome of the match is influenced not only by the players themselves. With the same success, managers, coaches, psychologists are related to the outcome of the match. Without competent promotion, no team can make it to a worthy tournament. It is imperative to monitor the positioning of the players on the map and carefully work out the strategy of the game in order to choose the most suitable option for the performance. The undisputed leader in the heat of passion is, of course, the LoL World Championship. It has been held for ten years and during this time managed to collect millions of people from the screens. Fans look forward to this event year after year, only to become part of the esports culture. For the first place in this tournament, you can get several million dollars.

Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. One of the major events is the Mid-Season Invitational. It has been held for several years in a row and determines the alignment of teams in regional championships. There is a special draw that allows you to distribute the compositions. It is worth mentioning, of course, the Rift Rivers. This competitive series is inter-regional. The number of famous tournaments by several dozen. You can easily place a bet on them through the websites of well-known bookmaker companies. In order to deliberately place bets on League of Legends, it is imperative to understand what options exist for making bets. And in fact there are not so few of them. Despite the fact that only one map is available in the game, it is extremely interesting to watch what is happening on the screen. Guessing the score. You can try to guess with what score the confrontation between the two teams in the championship will be completed. Total Kills. The so-called frags can be guessed, but it is quite difficult to do it. Individual total. This rate can be calculated both for teams and for specific players. Total Nashora. This is a unique bet because it can only be placed on this game.

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